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While small, CSSS is fully capable of assisting in all safety and security needs big and small whatever they might be. Below please see a little background on our team. We are down to earth and our only goal is to determine your needs and then meet them fully. 

Anthony Spagnuolo
Jeremy Lopez
Managing Partner/COO

With a background in IT, Retail, Asset Protection, Hospitality, and Security Anthony has a vast field of experience. Through it all his mantra has always been learning and planning. With the proper training and planning anyone can be successful. Unfortunately the vast majority of companies and individuals are unprepared for not only emergencies but safety and security in general. It is for this reason he founded CSSS to give the necessary skills and training not only for people to use in their work but their everyday lives.

Having a background in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and experience in Hospitality, Retail, Safety and Security Jeremy has always wanted to help people. With the same like mind as the founder of CSSS, the goal is to provide necessary skills for individuals to utilize where ever they might be.

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